Sunday, December 13, 2009


^ Today

No makeup 2 days ago^

I'm doing well for myself :)
Actually I couldn't be happier ... life is epic right now.

I'll be in NYC Dec 23-27th

I'm shooting most of the time I'm there, finishing up my book as well.

I auditioned for a lead role and I am pretty confident I got it. If I didn't then I will go full throttle with the acting's bitten me, shamelessly.

I'm doing "okay" I suppose at work.

My thigh tattoo sketches are being worked on and they will be epic! Masterpieces if you will :)

Working out daily (I've missed 3 days due to below 20 temps)
Eating 100% correct on the diet.
Not wearing makeup unless I seriously have to
And being so happy I could puke ...
means I look fucking awesome :)

updates later but check out my website under "links" within 12 hours 4 new sites were talking about my new images!

I took them yesterday!!!

*I'm Vex Clothing's new model!*

Self pictures at the shoot